July 23, 2009

Rock the Reception Move Over...

Photo credit: mitchelldyer photography

By now all of you have probably heard of Rock the Reception and many of you have probably been to a wedding where the couple has pulled off an ultra cool, choreographed first dance.  I love when couples do this.  Guests always go wild for this and inevitably the happy couple walks of the dance floor with the biggest look of exhilaration and satisfaction on their faces.

When I saw this clip of JK Wedding Entrance Dance on You Tube featuring Jill and Kevin's Wedding Ceremony Entrance, I just had to share.  It definitely wouldn't be for everyone but this wedding party looks like they had a blast and how fun would this be for your guests?!  Everyone would be talking about how unique and different your wedding was, there's no doubt. 

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Mishka said...

I loved that video too! I watched it twice ;).