January 9, 2009

Whimsical DIY Inspired Wedding Ideas

If all this winter weather has you dreaming of warmer, brighter days then perhaps you'll enjoy these images that I think are just perfect for those looking for both simple DIY wedding ideas as well whimsical wedding elements to incorporate into their special day.  If not for your wedding then perhaps a birthday party, baby shower or other upcoming celebration.  

Check out these delightful flowers.  These would be a simple DIY flower project.  You can grab shot glasses (to use as mini vases) as well as the taller slim vases at the dollar store making this a super affordable project.  Add some coordinating ribbon from your local craft store and viola, you are done!  Flowers can be ordered inexpensively from places like COSTCO or even your local super market.

Above 3 Photos credit: Rae Leytham Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

How about incorporating some colourful signature drinks.  These are sure to delight your many thirsty guests.

Blue Cocktail Photo credit: Meg Baisden Photography

What would be better suited to a whimsical theme than one of these delightful cakes by Pink Cake Box?
Is there anything more precious than a fairy flower girl???  Photo credit: Anna Kuperberg

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