November 17, 2009

Candy Inspired Whimsical Wedding

Check out this whimsical candy inspired wedding that was featured in the New York Times.  I love how creative and unique this wedding is and talk about FUN!!!  While sometimes too much of a good thing is too much, in this case I think going over the top is what makes this particular wedding so fabulous.  It's simply delicious!

While not many of us would go to this extreme, regardless of how much we love our sweet treats, there are many ways to infuse your love and candy into your wedding day details.  Check out some of the ideas I found below to add the perfect touch of tasty whimsy to your wedding day!
Lollipop wedding invitation: Wonderful Graffiti

I am super excited about the way we are incorporating lollipops into one of my upcoming summer weddings.  It is going to be a beautiful and elegant wedding and the lollipops are going to add the perfect, unexpected twist.  You'll have to stay tuned to see how we pull it all off!

While you may not want to carry a bouquet of candy on your actual wedding day, why not have fun at your rehearsal by carrying a candy bouquet and having your groom sport a candy boutonniere? 

For my own wedding rehearsal I decided to make mini bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids using blow pops and greenery and boutonnieres for my hubby and his groomsmen using the same supplies.  They were a huge hit and helped lighten the mood before practicing our "I Do's."
Lollipop wedding bouquet and candy boutonniere: Source
Candy Themed Cake: Cake Lava

If you really want to try something non traditional, you could opt for a wedding cake pinata! This is a very fun alternative to a regular wedding cake and could provide a new twist on the popular candy buffet.  This would be great at a wedding with lots of little ones but I bet you would have a fair share of "big kids" running up to snag some tasty treats too!  
Wedding cake pinata: Weddingbee

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