August 18, 2009

Jodie & Jordan...The Engagement Session

When I first met Jodie and Jordan back in the spring I couldn't help but smile, laugh and be filled with joy right along side them.  They have this contagious energy that just makes you feel on top of the world.  When it came time to select photographers for their wedding day we met with a few of my favourites.  As a wedding planner I can sometime call in favours and this was no exception.  I knew that Terence of TLAW Photography and Tammy of Life Seven Photography would be a match made in heaven and have the ability to capture both Jodie and Jordan's personalities perfectly.  They agreed to partner up for this fantastic couple and the results couldn't have been better.  

Check out these images from Jodie and Jordan's recent engagement session.  I can hardly wait for their wedding next August.  It is going to rock!

Above six engagement photos credit: TLAW Photography

Above six engagement photos credit: Life Seven Photography

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Evelyn said...

I love the expression on the little doggy's face!