March 2, 2009

Unique Wedding Cakes

Today's wedding is unique and personalized so why not carry that forward into your wedding cake design?  Check out these creative wedding cakes that showcase the couple's interests and personalities.  Even if you opt for a traditional wedding cake you can always incorporate your hubby's favourite hobby in a Groom's Cake.  This tradition is more common in the Southern States by I say bring it on.  Any excuse to add a fun and personalized element to a wedding day is fine by me...if it includes sugar, then it's even better!

Top 4 Cakes: Pink Cake Box
Mountain Bike Cake: Source
Now I know I said any excuse to personalize your wedding...but even I think having a life-size wedding cake of yourself is taking it too far.  To each their own I suppose.
Bride cake: Source, Bride posing with bride cake: Source

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