February 26, 2009

I'm a Mrs.

If you recently became a Mrs. or are making the transition in the upcoming future you should definitely check out i'm a mrs!  This is such a great concept that I just had to share.  Listen to what they have to say on the website:  

"Changing your name is easy with 'i'm a mrs'.  Simply choose either the standard or premium package and you're off.  Once you sign up, you'll be directed to your own personal page where you can select the organizations that are applicable to you.  You provide us with the details and we'll auto-complete your details on each application form or letter.  Once you've checked the documents, you can save, print and sign them at your convenience.  We also provide instructions on where to send them and what to include.  Then sit back and relax, because that's it: you're done.  Now you have more time to enjoy married life."

Tell me that isn't FABULOUS!!!  Even if you aren't getting married this would make a great wedding shower gift for one of your gal pals.  i'm a mrs is a Canadian company too which is awesome.  If you don't live in Canada though, don't fret.  They are currently working on bringing other Countries on board so you too will be able to change your name in a few simple steps!

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Laura Hit said...

Love it! What a cool and unique gift idea. Thanks for sharing!