December 11, 2008

Personalize Your Wedding Day Attire

Here are a few ideas to personalize your wedding day attire and even add in your “something blue” to boot!

1. It's important to wear something comfortable and easy to remove for the morning of while you are busy getting ready. Why not have a custom hoodie made to mark the occasion? There are many suppliers who offer “Soon to be Mrs. Smith” or "Future Mrs. Smith" hoodies for just this occasion. My personal favourite are the ones that say your new name and Est. with your wedding date as pictured on Knottie OKCBride2B below. This way you can wear them long after the wedding day!

2. Have your monogram and wedding date or your new name embroidered in blue and then have it sewn into your dress. If you decide not to keep your wedding dress you can always keep this little memento of your special day. Alternatively you could have your monogram embroidered in blue onto your garter. Just be sure this one doesn't get tossed!

Monogrammed dress tag: Knottie meg&ksexton via Wedding Bee

Dress tag featuring new name: Jason Angelini Photography
Monogrammed Garter: Knottie meg&ksexton
Add a little dazzle to the under side of your wedding shoes by applying blue rhinestones. You could include your monogram, your wedding date or a cute little message such as "I Do!"
Rhinestone embellished shoes: Inspired Goodness
Keep in mind that monogramming CAN go too far. I once saw a picture where the bride had large monogams embroidered across the tops of the bridesmaid dresses. Just say no to this kind of idea! I wish I could locate the picture for your viewing pleasure but alas I can't recall where I saw it.


Tegan and Tage said...

Adorable ideas! I especially like the rhinestones on the bottom of the shoes. :) Thanks for sharing!

1209262708s6195 said...

Thanks so much for the mention!