November 21, 2008

Personalize Your Reception...Part 1

Engagement Photo Table Number via Inspired Occasions
Picture Table Number Through the Years - The Knot via Julie Jelliffe
Wine Bottle Table Number via Martha Stewart
House numbers via Brooklyn Bride
Rhinestone Table Number via Wedluxe
Decoupage Table Numbers Ashley Bartoletti Photography

I often get asked for ideas on how to personalize wedding receptions so that it is a true reflection of the couple. The truth is their are so many things couple's can do to personalize their special day and you don't need a huge budget to pull it off. A little creativity can go a long way. Today I will share some simple ways to personalize your reception by using unique table numbers. Below are just some ideas to get your creativity flowing:

1. Photos. You could showcase your engagement photos, utilizing a different photo at each table. You could show off your cute fur babies by taking different pictures of your dogs or cats for each table. You could use childhood pictures and coordinate the age you were in the picture with the table number. These are just some ways to incorporate pictures...I'm sure you can think of some great ideas too!

2. Love! You could name each table love in a different language. (Ex. Adore (French), Ai (Chinese), etc.) or you could incorporate different love quotes into each table number. Why not include your monogram and wedding date too for extra personalization?

3. Hobbies. Why not name each table after some of your favourite hobbies. You could even include a brief description about whose hobby it is and why you enjoy it. (Ex. Photography, Swimming, Fishing, etc.)

4. Travels. You could name each table after places you've travelled. You could even use a picture from the location or a postcard if you have one.

5. Famous People. You could name each table after different famous couples, different famous people you admire, etc.

6. Wine. If you are serving wine at your wedding, you could have the bottle double as a table number. You could personalize the number label with the same colours and design you used on your invitations or even use pictures, as described in #1. If you are a wine lover, you could name each table after different kinds of wine (Ex. Chardonnay, Shiraz, Merlow, etc.)

7. Significant Numbers/Dates. (Ex. the day you met, the year you are getting married, the age you were when you first started dating, the house address you grew up at, etc.)

8. Incorporating Your Design Scheme. If you are having a rustic affair, why not use wooden numbers or old metal house numbers? If you want a lot of bling, you could create rhinestone encrusted table numbers. If you are going for a casual but pretty theme, you could decoupage numbers in papers that compliment your colour scheme.

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