October 1, 2008

Personalized Water Bottles

The trend towards personalization has never been stronger. One area we are seeing this trend is with personalized water bottles for engagement parties, weddings, stagettes, baby showers, birthday parties and more! Everyone appreciates water, especially on a hot summer day or in their hotel room upon arrival for your special event. Why not go the little extra step and personalize it with your event colours, date, monogram or even a picture! Inspired Occasions offers a DIY service where you can purchase up to 4 custom designed water bottle labels for one low price and them print and assemble them yourself, or purchase the bottles already assembled, whichever you prefer! When you order a design from Inspired Occasions, the nutritional information on the back is even tailored to the theme of your event and your names and event date are added to the bottom of the bar code. Visit the boutique to check out more water bottle designs.

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