August 15, 2008

Boudoir Photography...All the Rage

Images coutesy of Quantum Images Inc.

Boudoir photographs are fast becoming one of the hottest wedding related trends. Many brides are having boudoir photos taken to give to their husbands as a wedding gift or as a special way to commemorate an anniversary. Not only will your husband love them, I’m willing to bet that you will too!

Finding the right photographer is key to feeling comfortable during your boudoir photo shoot as well as having amazing photographs afterwards.

In addition to wedding and lifestyle photography, Erica Tait specializes in boudoir photography. She lives in B.C. but does “boudoir marathons” in several cities throughout Canada and the USA. In Calgary she books a room at the trendy Hotel Arts which provides a fabulous backdrop for the breathtaking images she captures.

Julie Chiasson, of Quantum Images Inc., is another fantastic photographer who also does exceptional boudoir photography. She is based in Calgary and is able photograph your boudoir session at a location of your choosing. The two gorgeous pictures featured above are samples of Julie’s amazing work.

If done by a skilled photographer, your boudoir photos will be beautiful, elegant, and classy. You will feel like a million bucks and your husband will undoubtedly be weak in the knees.

Some things to keep in mind if you are planning to have boudoir photos taken:
Wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment (so you don’t have clothing impressions on your skin in the photos).

Enlist the assistance of a professional makeup artist and hair stylist. A professional makeup artist will know how much makeup to apply to give the desired effect you are after. The lighting can be intense and you may end up looking washed out without the appropriate makeup application. (Many photographers have makeup artists and hair stylists that they work with on a regular basis and can arrange to have these professionals present at your photo shoot for an additional fee).

Bring several outfits and shoes to your photos shoot to ensure variety. In addition to lingerie, you might also consider bringing something of your husbands, such as his favourite sports jersey or one of his dress shirts and tie. He is sure to love seeing you in his clothes!
Finally, relax and HAVE FUN!!!

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