July 12, 2008

More Food For Thought

Candy sushi is ideal for bridal showers, birthday parties or for any occasion where you are looking to combine your love of sushi with your love of sweets! To create these charming bite-sized treats you will need:
a sushi rolling mat (cover it with plastic wrap)
your favourite bite-sized candy for the filling (smarties, licorice, etc.)
green and red fruit roll ups (for the seaweed wrap and ginger)
green licorice (for the wasabi) and pink licorice (for the salmon)
You will also need to make a batch of rise crispy squares (for the rice).

To create rolls, start by layering your green fruit roll up on the bottom of the plastic covered mat, followed by a thin layer of rice crispy square mixture. Add your filling and roll. Cut into pieces and arrange on the plate. To create salomon "sushi", hand form the rice crispy treats to create the bottom rice layer and then slice the pink licorice open and spread over the top.. Chop up some green licorice and red fruit roll up for garnish and serve with chopsticks!

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Tara Dunn said...

that is such a creative idea!
good thinking.